Potpourri – September 29th

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Published by Graham Harrop

I am a west coast cartoonist, and I draw the daily "TEN CATS" comic strip on www.gocomics.com and am a cartoonist for The Vancouver Sun. My cartoon collections are available through Gryndstone and Fusspot Press and Ronsdale Press. I also create commemorative posters for corporate events, meetings and sponsorships. And I love to give people a laugh - that's what it's all about!

2 thoughts on “Potpourri – September 29th

  1. I am pleased to have an opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your creativity and humour each morning. Deborah


    1. Deborah, hadn’t gone into this Inbox in – well, ever, I think! Thanks for your kind words from a while back. Hope all is well, and that you are still checking out the site now and again….


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