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Hot off the presses – the little Thank You Book from Graham, for all those who are seeing us through these challenging times… A safe and easy way to tell them how much we appreciate all they are doing for us….. AND raise emergency funds for the Salvation Army final a copy
a peek inside:

And New and Notable!


Al Gore Melts! and other irrefutable evidence that climate change is happening now. A sad and serious situation receives the deftly poignant touch of cartoonist Graham Harrop. Part proceeds from the sale of this e-book will be directed to groups or individuals dedicated to changing climate change.
Anything for our beautiful home planet.







The cat in history: few know that the friendly feline has played such a vital role in human progress. From Shakespeare to Napoleon to Obama, the great figures of human history have all been subject to the foibles of that most endearing of tyrants – the pink-nosed house-cat. A cartoon collection from TEN CATS’ creator Graham Harrop




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