THE RESTAURANT FILE: Announcing A Great Way to say THANK YOU! to your staff

A Cartoon Collection Created Just for Restaurant Workers a fun & timely way to show appreciation, and to say ‘Thanks for hanging in there‘ during these trying times!

Available now on Amazon! I Only Came In to Ask the Time!

* black and white paperback

* digital version in color

An ideal Holiday or special event gift!

And, for your newsletter, website or other outreach to colleagues, clients or memberships :

CLIPPINGS cartoons are available for use at $50 per image, limited use. All rights reserved. For a reproducible version of your selected cartoon, please contact the artist directly at:

…Our favorite restaurants… have our placemats!

Cheerful, colorful and commemorative – Ideal for childrens’ menus, everyday use or for special events, presentations and retirements.

To learn more, contact