Hotels by Harrop

The Green Hotel

Make your hotel environmentally friendly – and fun! – with a new line of cartoons created to encourage guests and staff to reduce, re-use and recycle.  Ideal for e-newsletters, caring-for-Nature cards,  childrens’ coloring placemats, staff appreciation gifts and thank you messages.    To order a custom design, please contact the artist directly at:

green hotel 5





From kindly concierges to the joy of room service, here’s a child’s take on staying at a friendly hotel – a new colouring book for the littlest guests. An ideal way to make them feel right at home and a delightful souvenir of their stay!

hotels B cover

Created especially for your hotel staff and colleagues!:

the hotel page final

Image pricing $75 each for one time use.  To order, please contact:  

All images copyright Graham Harrop

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A delightful little hotel notebook featuring the globetrotting ROSE – a great way to keep track of your own experiences! The perfect gift for anyone who loves or works at that grand hotel….


NEW! from Gryndstone and Fusspot Press!    When a valued colleague leaves, here is a little gift book that allows you to write in your fond farewells and see them off with a smile….    (color version)     (black and white)